Our Construction Team

The installation of your cabinets and the construction work is just as important as the cabinet build itself. We expect nothing short of true craftsmanship and Amish collections contractors delivers just that.

In the beginning stages, Our contracting crews works hand-in-hand with our design team in targeting and fulfilling your must haves for any project. Once all of your design needs are met and have been thoroughly reviewed, our installer also brings the prints in-house to confirm all measurements for extra precision,

Amish Kitchen Gallery is a one stop shop for all of your construction needs. Part of our capabilities include tile, flooring, electrical, and drywall, to name a few. Cabinetry that is installed by Amish Kitchen Gallery is also tax free, which means you can allow for more space in your budget dedicated to your project.

With Amish Kitchen Gallery in your home, You are sure to be the envy of your friends and family with furniture on your walls with our cabinetry and precision installation.

Have your own contractor you would like to use? No problem. We offer our cabinetry without installation as well.